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Power should be used responsibly
The United States has always had tremendous power to influence the Middle East, especially by engaging Israel and its neighboring countries in positive negotiations. When this power was applied wisely and responsibly, it frequently yielded positive results. Some times the results were dramatic, other times incremental, but almost always positive. When this power was used irresponsibly or not used at all, the results were almost always death and destruction.

The Obama doctrine is aligned with Israeli strategy and tactics
The initiatives that Israeli governments have been taking to secure the Jewish state in the Middle East are realistic and pragmatic. At their core is the principle that to make peace with its enemies, a country MUST talk to them. Avoidance leads to deterioration and extremism. This approach is compatible with Obama's political doctrine. McCain's philosophy, which is aligned with the Bush philosophy, is based on avoidance. The "Hug of Love" by George W Bush was against Israel's strategic and tactical interests, and all signs point to McCain continuing in the same direction.
Read HERE what both Ehud Barak, the defense minister and Tzipi Livni, the prime mister-designate have announced on October 19, 2008.

Addressing the Iranian threat - Responsibly
The Iranian threat is real and Obama understands this perfectly well. He also understands that this kind of threat will not be eliminated by childish posturing (Bush/McCain). Obama will use force when needed, but I more likely not to need it because of his ability to understand the complexity of situations and to match them diplomatically. McCain, on the other hand, tends to see the world in black-and-white with no shades of gray, which pretty much guarantees continuing the current administration's narrow-minded foreign policies.

Obama will work with other countries in the region and around the world to make clear to Iran what they stand to gain or to lose. Obama will not be afraid to convey these messages directly to show the Iranians they have something to gain or lose based on their cooperation on a variety of issues. And, if in the end diplomacy fails, the fact that the U.S. engaged directly and Iran was unwilling to alter its behavior creates a very different context for tougher options.

And the Israeli-Arab/Palestinian conflict…
Just like with Iran, Obama understands what at stake and has the tools to take action. He would engage on Arab-Israeli peace knowing that this is the only way to reach peace and that the consequences of disengagement are dire. The Bush administration chose avoidance and disengagement for more than six years, leading to the Hamas growing in power and now controlling Gaza. Radical Islam wins when there is hopelessness and frustration. Obama understands it, McCain and old GOP politics do not.