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About Us

We are a group of Israelis and Israeli-Americans who care about the interests of both the United States and of Israel. Our purpose is to voice the opinion of Israelis that Barack Obama will protect the interests of Israel very well. Certainly better than John McCain. Obama's thoughtful, steady and strategic approach to addressing problems and conflicts will be critical to helping Israel. We hope that anyone who cares about Israel and its long term interest and success, especially Jewish-American and Israeli-American voters, will take the time to consider our point of view. Hopefully, this site presents a well thought-out and reasoned position.

Quite a few people are behind this effort. Our core group is made of three Israelis (born and raised) who reside in the Silicon Valley in California (Sunnyvale and Los Altos to be exact). We grew up in Israel, went to school in Israel, served in the military (Tzahal aka IDF) with plenty of combat and other repeating action, and received degrees from Tel Aviv University and the Technion. Our personal and professional lives have brought us (separately) to the United States many years ago. In recent years we met each others and recently decided to voice our opinion.

We prefer to remain anonymous because we believe the content of the site and the references it provides are what is important, not our personalities (which we have plenty).