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We are a group of Israelis and Israeli-Americans who care about the interests of both the United States and of Israel. We have analyzed whether John McCain or Barack Obama will lead a better administration from the point of view of who will be better for Israel. Our conclusion is clear and simple: Israel's interest will be much better served with Obama as the President of the United States.
According to our analysis, Israel's interests are best served when the United States' Administration is:
1. COMMITTED to supporting Israel
Both Obama and McCain are fully committed to supporting Israel. There is ample proof of their intentions in statements and credible testaments. Read More in the COMMITMENT Section...

2. ABLE to support Israel
To be able to support Israel, the United States must be militarily, economically and politically strong. It must also have strong credibility among other countries. Read More in the ABILITY Section...

3. RESPONSIBLE in supporting Israel
The United States has always had tremendous power to bring Israel and its neighboring Arab countries to discuss peace. Using this power responsibly is of the utmost importance when it comes to Israel's well-being. Read More in the RESPONSIBILITY Section...

We have reviewed numerous sources, some of which are listed in our "More Information" section. Additionally, we would like to single out the following collection from sources on the political Right, Left and Center as good representation that makes our point:

Tom FriedmanLINK*
Colin PowellLINK
Alan DershowitzLINK*
Christopher BuckleyLINK
George WillLINK*
Hillary ClintonLINK